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3. Sezon Muzikleri
Episode One: "Exile"
Good Charlotte: "Girls and Boys"
The Black Eyed Peas: "Hey Mama"
Train: "Calling All Angels"
Metallica: "Frantic"
Shocure: "GoodTalk"
Eastmountainsouth: "All the Stars"
Episode Two: "Phoenix"
Stereophonics: "Maybe Tomorrow"
Dido: "White Flag"
Episode Three: "Extinction"
Yellowcard: "WayAway"
Vishiss: "Give it To Me"
Maria: I Give You Take
Vertical Horizon: "Goodbye Again"
Episode Four: "Slumber"
R.E.M.: "Imitation of Life"
"Everybody Hurts"
"Losing My Religion"
"Bad Day"
"At My Most Beautiful"
Episode Five: "Perry"
Toby Keith: "I Love this Bar"
LeAnn Rimes: "Blue"
Lonestar: "Walking In Memphis"
Episode Six: "Relic"
Aaron D: "In Your Eyes"
The Flamingoes: "I Only Have Eyes For You"
The Penguins: "Earth Angel"
Toby Keith: "Matchbox"
Episode Seven: "Magnetic"
Josh Kelley: "Amazing"
Black Toast Music: "Hey Now"
Bonnie McKee: "Trouble"
Cold: "Stupid Girl"
Michelle Featherstone: "Over You"
Pink: "Trouble"
Episode Eight: "Shattered"
Johnny Cash: "Hurt"
Episode Nine: "Asylum"
Massive Attack: "Future Proof"
Staind: "So Far Away"
Episode Ten: "Whisper"
Kid Rock: "Cold and Empty"
Episode Eleven: "Delete"
Hoobastank: "The Reason"
Nelly Furtado: "Try"
Dave Matthews: "So Damn Lucky"
Episode Twelve: "Hereafter"
Five for Fighting: "100 Years"
Static: "Two Steps Closer"
Stegala Music: "I Owe You"
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
Episode Thirteen: "Velocity"
Dizzee Rascal: "Fix Up, Look Sharp"
Knoc-Turn Al: "The Way I Am"
Saq: "You Know"
Shocure: "Evilution"
ThousandFootKrutch: "Rawkfist"
Ryan Adams: "Wonderwall"
Episode Fourteen: "Obsession"
Ben Jelen: "Setting of the Sun"
Blake Hight: "Echo"
The Fuzz: "Parking"
Finger Eleven: "One Thing"
Episode Fifteen: "Resurrection"
Alanis Morrisette: "Everything"
The Rapture: "Infatuation"
Episode Sixteen: "Crisis"
None Available
Episode Seventeen: "Legacy"
Edie Brickell: One in a Blue Moon
Grant-Lee Phillips: "Mona Lisa"
Seal: "Love's Divine"
Episode Eighteen: "Truth"
Fastball: "Someday"
Ing: "Better Don't Do"
Paul Schwartz: "Stabat Mater"
The Fuzz: "Selling Out"
Episode Nineteen: "Memoria"
Evanescence: "My Immortal"
Episode Twenty: "Talisman"
Katie Herzig: "Chase Me"
Rachel Yamagata: "Reason Why"
Red Letter Day: "From Afar"
Episode Twenty-One: "Forsaken"
Charlie Mars: "When the Sun Goes Down"
Christopher Jak: "What You're Thinking"
Episode Twenty-Two: "Covenant"
Mindy Smith: "One Moment More"

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