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2. Sezon Muzikleri
Episode One: "Vortex"
Stretch Princess: "Time and Time Again"
Coldplay: "In My Place"
Episode Two: "Heat"
Avril Lavigne: "Tomorrow"
N.E.R.D.: "Truth or Dare"
Elvis: "A Little Less Conversation"
Nelly: "Hot in Here"
New Found Glory: "My Friends Over You"
Episode Three: "Duplicity"
Travis Tritt: "Southbound Train"
Greg Jones: "Ordinary"
Alice Peacock: "Leading With My Heart"
Stephanie Simon: "Goodbye"
Episode Four: "Red"
Andrew W.K.: "It's Time to Party"
Fisher: "Breakable"
Frou Frou: "Breathe In"
Jackpot: "Tattoos"
Sprung Monkey: "Unexpected" & "American Made"
Oasis: "Stop Crying Your Heart Out"
Episode Five: "Nocturne"
No Doubt: "Underneath It All"
Sheila Nicholls: "Love Song"
Ok Go: "Don't Ask Me"
Cactus Groove: "Crazy Richie"
Episode Six: "Redux"
Outhere Brothers: "Boom, Boom, Boom"
Riddlin Kids: "I Feel Fine"
Imperial Teen: "Ivanka"
Sophie Agapios: "U Girl"
Our Lady Peace: "Somewhere Out There"
Episode Seven: "Lineage"
Hef: "Yesterday"
Morcheeba: "Otherwise"
Pulse Ultra: "Put It Off"
Wonderful Johnson: "Seventeen Years Down"
Renata Tebaldi: "Madame Butterfly"
Episode Eight: "Ryan"
Dishwalla: "Angels and Devils"
Von Ray: "Inside Out"
Episode Nine: "Dichotic"
A-ha: "I Wish I Cared"
Dem Hills: "Settle Hills"
Premonition: "Uneven Odds"
Mooney Suzuki: "In A Young Man's Mind"
Episode Ten: "Skinwalker"
The Vines: "Ottatheway"
Norah Jones: "Don't Know Why"
Santana & Michelle Branch: "The Game of Love"
Jackpot: "Psycho Ballerina"
Steadman: "Wave Goodbye"
Episode Eleven: "Visage"
Dirty Vegas: "Days Go By"
Good Charlotte: "The Anthem"
Michael Andrews: "Mad World"
Rosey: "Love"
Episode Twelve: "Insurgence"
Ed Harcourt: "Bittersweet Heart"
SR-71: "Tomorrow"
Theory of a Deadman: "Invisible Man"
Episode Thirteen: "Suspect"
No Licensed Music Used
Episode Fourteen: "Rush"
Sixpence None the Richer: "Don't Dream It's Over"
AM Radio: "I Just Wanna to Be Loved"
BT: "Never Gonna Come Back Down"
Sheila Nicholls: "Bread and Water"
Episode Fifteen: "Prodigal"
Ash: "Burn Baby Burn"
The Flaming Lips: "Fight Test"
Mystica: "China"
Lizzie: "Home Sweet Alabama"
Morphic Field: "Like A Dream"
The Contes: "Don't Tempt Me"
Episode Sixteen: "Fever"
Steadman: "Wave Goodbye"
Jamestowne: "Not That Simple"
Episode Seventeen: "Rosetta"
John Williams: "Superman: The Movie Theme"
Coldplay: "The Scientist"
Kid Lightening: "Satellite"
Ryan Adams: "Nuclear"
Panchos Lament: "Leaving Town Alive"
Episode Eighteen: "Visitor"
David Gray: "The Other Side"
Hathaway: "Kiss the Moon"
Neil Halstead: "Phantasmagoria In Two"
Stephanie Simon: "Wartime"
Transplants: "Diamonds and Guns"
Episode Nineteen: "Precipice"
Adam Tenebaum: "Becoming"
Gus: "Don't Fear the Reaper"
Matt Nathanson: "Princess"
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: "Don't Forget Me"
Sammi Morelli: "Let Me Be the One"
The Start: "Shakedown!"
Episode Twenty: "Witness"
Gavin DeGraw: "Chariot"
Marty Irwin: "Anybody Listening"
Paloalto: "The World Outside"
Stretch Nickel: "Gone Away"
The All-American Rejects: "Swing Swing"
The Ben-Taylor Band: "Safe Enough to Wake Up"
The Thorns: "No Blue Sky"
Episode Twenty-One: "Accelerate"
Avril Lavigne: "I'm With You"
Episode Twenty-Two: "Calling"
John Williams: "Superman: The Movie Score"
Chantal Kreviazuk: "In This Life"
Moby: "Signs of Love"
Boomkat: "Wastin My Time"
Jessy Moss: "Tellin You Now"
Elza: "Everything to Me"
Episode Twenty-Three: "Exodus"
Aqualung: "Strange and Beautiful"
Kelly Brock: "High on Sunshine"-Read our Interview with Kelly!
Lifehouse: "Take Me Away"
Matthew Good: "Weapon"
John Williams: "Superman the Movie Score"

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