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1. Sezon Muzikleri
Episode One: "Pilot"
Bruce Hornsby: "The Way It Is"
Eagle Eye Cherry: "Long Way Around"
Steroblis: "Eight Half Letters"

Embrace: "Wonder"
The Calling: "Unstoppable"
Fear the Clown: "Inside the Memories"
Capitol Eye: "Let's Go"
Stereophonics: "Maybe"
Jude: "Everything I Own"
Lifehouse: "Everything"
Episode Two: "Metamorphosis"
Remy Zero: "Save Me"
Papa Roach: "Last Resort"
Weezer: "Island in the Sun"
Better than Ezra: "I Do"
Turin Brakes: "Underdog: Save Me"
Cake: "Love You Madly"
Aeon Spoke: "Damaged"
The Calling: "Wherever You Will Go"
Episode Three: "Hothead"
Zed Silencer: "Renegade Fighter"
Gorillaz: "Clint Eastwood"
Sum 41: "Motivation"
Fuel: "Bad Day"
Third Eye Blind: "Never Let You Go"
FBinocular: "You"
Episode Four: "X-Ray"
Alien Ant Farm: "Movies"
The Wiseguys: "Ooh La La"
Stabbing Westward: "Breathe You In"
The Cranberries: "Analyse"
Todd Thibaud: "Unbroken"
Unwritten Law: "Up All Night"
Shelby Lynne: "Wall In Your Heart"
Episode Five: "Cool"
Eve 6: "Rescue"
Matthew Jay: "Let Your Shoulder Fall"
Juliana Theory: "Top of the World"
Pete Yorn: "On Your Side"
Jewel: "Standing Still"
Episode Six: "Hourglass"
Gorillaz: "5/4"
Dispatch: "Time Served"
Kevin Clay: "Crush"
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, op. 59, and Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, op. 4 by Fryderyk Chopin, performed by Idil Beret
Episode Seven: "Craving"
Dido: "Slide"
Fuel: "Innocent"
Third Eye Blind "Invisible"
Call and Response: "The Fool"
Enrique Iglesias: "Hero"
Episode Eight: "Jitters"
Smashmouth: "Pacific Coast Party"
Handsome Devil: "Tie Me Up"
Bad Ronald: "Bad Idea"
Bush: "The People that We Love"
The Cult: "My Bridges Burn"
Episode Nine: "Rogue"
Lifehouse: "Breathing"
Stereo MC's: "Step it Up"
Zero 7: "I Have Seen"
Massive Attack: "Angel"
Club 8: "She Lives By The Water"
Driver: "Not Looking Back"
Grant Park: "Numb"
Radford: "Take Your Time"
Episode Ten: "Shimmer"
Vigilantes of Love: "S.O.S"
Vigilantes of Love: "Galaxy"
Simple Plan: "When I'm With You"
Tricky: "Evolution Revolution Love"
Thrift Store Halo: "If I Go"
Something Else: "Blend"
Starsailor: Poor Misguided Fool"
Course of Nature: "Caught in the Sun"
Episode Eleven: "Hug"
Rubyhorse: "Into the Lavender"
Stereophonics: "Have a Nice Day"
Citizen Cope: "Mistaken I.D."
Wayne: "Slow Down"
Jennifer Knapp: "Into You"

Episode Twelve: "Leech"
Staind: "Fade"
U2: "Elevation"
Sum 41: "Fat Lip"
Shocore: "Bonecracker"
Bush: "Inflatable"

Episode Thirteen: "Kinetic"
P.O.D: "Set it Off"
Onesidezero: "New World Order"
Beautiful Creatures: "1 a.m."
Remy Zero: "Perfect Memory"

Episode Fourteen: "Nicodemus"
Waylon Jennings: "Good Ole Boys"
Nelly Furtado: "I Will Make You Cry"
Zero 7: "Destiny"
Divine Right: "Supernatural"
Relient K: "Sadie Hawkins Dance"
Puracane: "Big Day"
Josh Clayton-Felt: "Love Sweet Love"
Hal Lovejoy: "Saturday Night's Alright"
U2: "Beautiful Day"

Episode Sixteen: "Stray"
Regency Buck: "Free to Change Your Mind"
Phantom Planet: "Lonely Day"
Todd Thibaud: "Is it Love?"
Micah Green: "Hollywood"
Five For Fighting: "Superman"

Episode Seventeen: "Reaper"
Rubyhorse: "Sparkle"
Trik Turner: "Friends and Family"
Kings of Convenience: "The Weight of my Words"
Firengine Red: "Falcor"
Episode Eighteen: "Drone"
Quarashi: "Stick Em Up"
Citizen Cope: "If There's Love"
Evan Olson: "Now What I Wanted"
Sia: "Drink to Get Drunk"
Jimmy Eat World: "Middle"
Cornershop: "Wogs Will Walk"
Dishwalla: "Opaline"
Puracane: "Big Day"
Alan Charing: "Wake Up Elvis"
Hot Action Cop: "Fever for the Flava"
Goo Goo Dolls: "Here is Gone"
Episode: Nineteen: "Crush"
Micah Green: "You and I"
Leave the World: "40 to 5"
Bottlefly: "Nothing to Do"
Louise Goffin: "Light in Your Eyes"
Thievery Corporation: "2001 Spliff Odyssey"

Eva Cassidy: "Time After Time"
Episode Twenty: "Obscura"
John Mayer: "No Such Thing"
Pete Yorn: "Just Another"
Neil Halstead: "Two Stones In My Pocket"
Sparklehorse: "Piano Fire"
Electric Soft Parade: "Silent to the Dark"

Episode Twenty-One: "Tempest"
Stabbing Westward: "What do I have to Do?"
Sherri Youngward: "Where This Love Goes"
Lifehouse: "Everything"
Greenwheel: "Breathe"
Gigolo Aunts: "Let Go"
Paul Trudeau: "What Weve Been Through"
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